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Based on years of experience and instruction in the best background screening practices, Background Assistant™ embodies advanced features that will relieve the investigator of repetitive administrative tasks, allowing more time to focus on actual field investigation.

This web-based application eliminates the need for software installation, server cost and space and expensive I.T. support. The only thing that is needed is an Internet connection making this product a versatile tool for the investigator.

    Online Personal History Statement (PHS)
  • Provide an online Personal History Statement (PHS) form for your applicant, which captures hundreds of basic data points and can accommodate thousands of pieces of your applicant’s information.

  • Review the PHS for any areas of concern such as prior drug use, domestic violence incidents or prior arrests.

  • Print a PHS in an incident style report and any departmental waivers for the applicant to provide an original signature and initials on each page.

    Automated Correspondence
  • Automatically generate law enforcement correspondence based on applicant address data. Background Assistant™, using information from National Public Safety Information Bureau, producers of the Law Enforcement Directory, has embedded public safety address information in the application that automatically prints to correspondence documents.

  • Automatically create law enforcement inquiry letters for prior residences, employment history, military service and other areas where the applicant has lived, worked or possibly had contact with a law enforcement agency, greatly enhancing the scope of your investigation.

  • Choose to auto generate educational, employment, landlord, and character reference correspondence. All inquiry letters are preformatted and provide both a cover letter and questionnaire when applicable.

    Upload Returned Files
  • Easily manage and organize correspondence as it is returned and as references, prior employers and family members are contacted, Background Assistant™ provides easy to use dialogue boxes to document information as it is gathered.

  • Upload photos and documents received during the investigation for later access and digital archiving.

    Generate Final Report
  • Background Assistant™ processes all of the information provided by the applicant in the PHS along with the comments made in the system by the background investigator and generates a final report, which is printable as a PDF file.

Background Assistant™ is a revolutionary advancement in background investigation tools. Background Solutions, LLC has worked hard to provide the investigator with a product that demonstrates the best practices nationwide in background investigations.

Understanding the need to provide a comprehensive review of an applicant’s qualifications, this tool was developed based on background experience by law enforcement professionals, specifically for the public safety background investigator.


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